Creating a sub-item & connection within an existing item on another board when the status changes of the item on the first board

There are lots of answers, but I haven’t found the specific fix to my issue.

We have a portfolio board, with each program listed as an item. In our business, each program might have 4 or 5 projects within. I have other boards tracking the progress of projects through stages (using the groups), and these projects are initially created through the submission of a form and then the status changed when approved.

When that status of the project changes on one of the project board, I would like to create a sub-item on the portfolio board under the correct program item. The program name is detailed within a status column. The crux is, I would like to mirror the sub-item and the project page item for status updates etc.

@JCorrell tagging you as requested! Thanks Jim

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If I am understanding you correctly, there is currently no way to that with base monday.

There may be an app that does that. But I am not aware of one. My approach would be to use Make to create a custom scenario to do that. If you are not familiar with Make, you can check this out: What is Make & How can it help you with monday?

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Hey @James_Eadie, a recent update allows you to do an automation based on a mirror column - which means that you’d be able to achieve most of your workflow.
The status change on the project board item would be mirrored on the linked program item, then you’d create a “when (mirror column) status changes to X, create a subitem”.
Concerning the sub-item mirroring, it’s not something that does natively, but you could use an integration software like Zapier to create a subitem or bring over other data. Here’s what the Zap would look like:

Let me know if you have any questions! Feel free to reach out here or email me at

@greg_elevate Could you provide some insight on how to create a trigger based on a mirror column? I have attempted to create automations and mirror columns do not appear in any column lists. I’ve also seen no feature announcement for this.

I’m just looking for information on how to do this, because, so far my attempts are failing and this would be extremely useful. Do you have any links about this?

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@codyfrisch - For now, only some of the pre-built automations outlined here support mirror columns. For the original post’s workflow, I’d suggest this pre-built automation:

From the “Another Status” (which would be a normal status column on your board) you could build your automation to create a subitem.

Basically, we’d start with “When ‘mirror status’ changes to something, change ‘normal status’ to something” then “When ‘normal status’ changes to something, create a subitem”

That also means that this part of my original reply was incorrect:

I’ll keep an eye on this thread - please let me know if that works!

I wasn’t the original poster though :slight_smile: more found the thread and was trying to see what’s up since this is a new feature. (relatively, the article was from October but I’ve not been able to find any communications announcing this new feature, including the release notes…)

I looked here and there was no mention of this. How did you stumble on this?

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@codyfrisch - Oops! I got myself confused :exploding_head:
My team and I get periodic communications from because we are Monday partners. This feature was part of a Lessonly training called “New Features Q4 2022”. I’m not sure how this wasn’t added to the article you shared…

Hi @JCorrell - thanks for the response. I have compromised my needs to basically now just need the set up of sub-items with mirroring, but when following your youtube videos, I fall at the very first hurdle as it seem I cant get the webhook to work - the error says “failed to communicate with the URL provided”…


I’ll DM you so we can setup a time to get this resolved for you.

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I’ve created a Zap but can’t figure out how to retrieve the pulse id that was just created in order to create a subitem on that new item. help!