Creating an item within a specific group of a new board when status is changed?

Hi there - I have two boards with matching groups in each. I’d like to be able to create the same item, under the same group, in the other board when I change it’s status - is this possible?
I can get it to create the same item in the new board, but not under the right group heading.
Please let me know if there’s a way to achieve this!
Thanks :slight_smile:


This was just discussed in detail on a recent thread:Connecting two groups

If you want to go the Integromat route, I can help.

Jim - The Monday Man

Hi there @JCorrell, thanks for getting back to me on this and for providing that link. I’ve read through your comments and am attempting the Integromat route, but having difficulties - my limited knowledge of coding language isn’t helping.

I have the Integromat account set up, have the Board IDs and am trying the ‘Create Item’ function - but I’m struggling to work out which box I’m meant to put the code you provided into. I’m also struggling to understand how the switch function will be able to duplicate the items into the corresponding groups when I change the status…

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated! Thanks

Hello @hsaunders,
You can use the Duplicates and Uniques add to achieve what you want. In your situation, you can create a template which will run when a status changes. The details of the template will include:
Step 1.
– Select the board and group you want the item to be copied from
Step 2.
– Select “Item name” (Actually, in this instance, it doesn’t really matter what you select here since we want to copy any last item)
Step 3
– Select “Any last”
Step 4
– Select “Copy” and your destination board and group

Save as a template to run when a status changes and add it to your board.
Now whenever a status changes, the last item will be copied over to your selected group.
Here is a comprehensive video that shows how the copy functionality works. It also includes how to create and run a template.
If you have any questions, you can reach out at
Hope this helps :slight_smile:

Hi there, thanks for your response!

I have a couple of questions:

  1. Will the template work for multiple groups on the boards? I have 6 groups on each board, and want to be able to change the status, copying the item to the corresponding group on the other board? Or will I have to create a different template for each group?

  2. Is this a paid service? It says there is a 14 day trail but I can’t seem to find any information on whether it is paid after that point.

Please let me know. Thanks!


Update - using your Youtube video, I’ve figured out how to use the webhook to send through when I change the status. Thanks for that, very helpful video!

Where I’m still struggling is the next part - actually getting it to create a new item in the correct board and group. I can’t figure out where to to add the function you provided:
switch(groupId; b1gA; b2gA; b1gB; b2gB; b1gC; b2gC; b2gA)

Any assistance here would be greatly appreciated, thank you!

Hello @hsaunders,
Thanks for your questions.
You would have to create a template for the different scenarios. Each template will run depending on what status you change. For example, “template 1” will be set to run when a label changes to “done”, whiles “template 2” will run when a label changes to “stuck”, etc. Also, yes, it’s a paid app. The various pricing plans can be found on our site
Thank you.


I’m just finishing up a video on how to do this. I did it a little differently this time. It does not use the switch function.

Should be up in the next couple of hours. I’ll post the link when it’s there.

Jim - The Monday Man


Even when you’re doing “no” editing, it still takes a long time…

Here’s the video: Create Linked Item in Proper Group