Creating Forms for Your Nonprofit

Hi There,

My name is Jasmine Hammond and I’m the Community Manager with Digital Lift by! I received an inquiry in our Facebook Digital Lift Community Group about how to find the “Forms” option on a board. As we are shifting all inquires into our community forum, I am answer that question here!

Forms are a great way of a capturing information from your team, community, donors, and other important groups to your organization in a concise way. On our team, we use them for MANY different reasons including capturing community testimonials, scheduling performances for events, and assessment! One of my favorite features in the forms is the ability to create beautiful graphs based on the data that can be downloaded and put directly into a presentation. It has truly made the creation of final reports easier for me!
To build a form on you will want to do the following:

  1. Go into your board

  2. In the top left hand corner, hit the “Add” button

  3. Towards the bottom of this pop-out, you will see “New Form”

  4. A form will automatically be generated for you that will include the Form (where you can see what your participants will see when opening the form and edit the form), Main Table (where you get a view of responses), Results (where you can see responses at a glance and build tables), and Form Response View (where you can see the results of the form within the forms format)

If you are still having any issues finding your Forms, you can always try this work around:

  1. Start by building a new board at the top left hand side of the screen OR working within a board you have already created
  2. Once in the board, you can hit the “+” sign near the top of the board and the Main Table button to open a drop down that has a “New Form” option

I hope this is helpful! If there are any other questions that I can answer about how your Forms are working and I’m also curious as to how other organizations are using forms at this time! Let me know below!

And if you are looking to connect with more nonprofit leaders and organizations around nonprofit and NGO opportunities and resources outside of, we would love to have you in our Facebook group, which you can join here: Digital Lift Member Community | Facebook