Forms using dropdown from current field

Hello, I am brand new to (as in, just set it up this week), but am familiar with Asana, Airtable, and others.

We are a nonprofit using it as a database for our grantees. I now have the basic info uploaded about each grantee, but throughout the year there will be different forms and reports they are required to turn in to us. Would I be able to use a form where the user selects their organization name from an existing list in a table, so that we can match up their forms to their organization exactly? (If they insert their own org name, there will definitely be variations, and some people are volunteers who may not know which org received the grant.)

Thank you!

Hi @pjsiebert - welcome to the community! I would suggest using a simple status column to manage this, as a dropdown allows for multiple selections to be made. Each status label can be an organization for users to choose from on the form.

Hope this helps