Managing documentation requirements within my Board

I work for a nonprofit. We just got a grant that involves recruiting a lot of volunteers, and in order to be within the regulations of the grant, there are a lot of documentation and reporting requirements. This means that in addition to using Monday to keep track of volunteers, I also want to keep track of all their associated paperwork in one spot (ie, enrollment forms, timesheets, expense forms, etc). Some kinds of documents should only have one copy (like an enrollment form), some will have multiple depending on what the volunteers end up doing (like expense forms, if they need to be reimbursed for multiple purchases, or project assignments if they’re on multiple projects). The paperwork files themselves will be stored in Google Drive.

What is the most efficient way to track at a glance whether or not they have all their forms, or who still needs which forms, as well as having easy access to view the forms themselves?

My first instinct to organize all this resulted in approx. a million columns that would all have to be independently updated any time something changed, and trying to switch some of the files into Info Boxes made them much less accessible to see/refer to.

Hi @ajwhitman - You may want to explore using connected (linked) boards for the 1 to many relationships you have for the volunteers, and then use mirror columns. You may be able to handle this with subitems, but I’d learn toward the multiple linked boards for visibility and ease of managing followup and discussions related to any one particular form.

Although it sounds like you don’t plan to use Info Boxes, I did want to call to your attention that monday is deprecating Info Boxes and they will eventually be removed from the platform. No end date has been announced, but monday support can confirm that Info Boxes are on their way out. So I would avoid using them going forward.