Create interface to track Camp sign-ups

Hello, I’m very new to Monday, but I like what i’ve seen so far. I work with a Scout council, and we are trying to use Monday to track a variety of interactions with our Scout units. I have been able to create a board and import all of our Scout Troops, their contact info, etc.

We have Summer Camp coming up, and our staff is being tasked with reaching out to each unit, and finding out their plans for summer camp, etc. They’ll collect a few bits of data, and we want to track some of it.

I have the base contact info in a board. This is my first try at going outside of this. Can someone suggest maybe what template I should use to track this sort of info, and have it tie back to the board I already created with the contacts? I’ve got info overload right now with all of the options.

Ideally, I want to have a board that lists all of the troops (that are already in the board I created), and then our staff should be able to hit dropdowns as to where they’re going to camp, last time they were contacted, and so on.

Suggestions appreciated!

Hey Tom!

I’m wondering if it could be helpful to have your staff send a monday WorkForm to the troops for them to fill out their plans? This data would then populate as individual items (lines) in your board after each submission.

You could then use a Connect Boards Column to link this board with the form submissions to your contacts board.

What do you think about this?