Forms and Connected Boards


We have 3 boards:

  • Volunteers (personal information for each volunteer)
  • Locations (where do these volunteers volunteer)
  • Schools (The schools that send the volunteers to the locations)

The Volunteers and Schools board are connected, so in the Volunteers board I define for each volunteer to which School that volunteer is assigned.

Now I just created a new board called Volunteering Reports. Each school needs to create a report for each volunteer (“Volunteer X volunteered on date Y”).
Ideally I want to send each school their own report form link, so a school gets a link, and in this form they can choose volunteers - but only out of the volunteers that are linked to that school (remember the Volunteers and Schools boards are connected), dates, and submit. This will create a report on the Volunteering Reports board.

So I know basic Monday Forms doesn’t support connected boards.

I tried using SuperForms, and we’re almost there, but on the form the user can choose any school out of the Schools board, and I want to limit each form to a specific school, so each scool will only see the list of their volunteers.
Is this possible without creating a separate board for each and every school?

Hey @Crumbs

Nachliel from Easyapps here

Our Monday form builder app, Easyform, supports setting a default value for Groups, Status, Dropdown, and Connected Board columns, giving you more flexibility in setting up your forms and boards.

So, in your use case, on the Volunteering Reports board, you can create a form for each school and set it as the default value for the School column, and the school question will not be visible on the form.

In addition, our forms are great for embedding in your webpage since we allow you to style every feature in the form so you can embed it seamlessly on your site. Here is an example of a Contact Us form embedded in a Wix website:

Other advance features we offer:

  • Connected Board support:
    • Limiting selection to a single item.
    • Displaying items from multiple connected boards.
    • Limiting select options to items from specific boards where a column is connected to multiple boards.
    • Pro plan feature - item default values support - set default values for connected board columns hidden in the form.
  • Upload files to your board’s file columns, with support for:
    • Allowing only specific file types, such as images or pdf.
    • Limiting the number of files that can be uploaded.
    • Setting a maximum for file size.
    • Manually retrying uploads if some or all of them fail.
  • Set default values for the response item’s hidden group, status, connected board, and dropdown columns. To do so, select Item default values from the Settings menu.
  • Add the item’s group as just another field to the form.
  • Control the page’s top margin with the ability to set different values for desktop and mobile. To do so, select Page from the Settings menu.

If you’re interested in creating styled forms that better match your brand and embed perfectly on your web page, you can check out our app Easyform and our extensive documentation site.

You can set up a free demo here or contact us at

Here is an example of our form in action:
main gif easyform

I hope this helps,


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Hey @Nachliel, thanks for your reply, however:

  1. I just installed it to try, but I don’t see the option to set a default value.
  2. Let’s say I chose school X. Now I want to be able to choose only volunteers that are connected to that school. However in my test I see that I choose school X, but the volunteers options show all volunteers from Volunteers board (even though not connected to that school).

Hey @Crumbs , actually WorkForms do support connect board column, but it’s still beta. I don’t know if it’s available for your account but you can try activating it on the Monday.labs panel.

Make sure you set permissions to outside users in the account settings (otherwise it will require you to force users to logon to the form, and to my understanding that’s your case).

I’m using it in my account and for the moment it works really good.

Regarding your case I would create a connect board column for each school, and a corresponding form for each one.

Using plugins like SuperForms can help resolve the issue, but in this case they won’t completely solve your problem. A possible solution is to create custom forms that can interact with the data on your boards. This may require developing your own application or using integrations through the API. With custom forms, you can limit access to data to specific schools only, providing a more flexible and controlled reporting process.

To see how to set up a default value, you can go here to our docs

And you are right; we currently don’t support showing the volunteers connected to the specific school.