Documenting the Processes

How is everyone documenting the boards, how they are used, etc. I need a “How-To” guide for internal users and to train a backup admin. Does anyone have documentation you can share with me? My email is

TYIA - Terrie

Powerpoint, unfortunately.

Lots of slides of screenshots with annotations and ‘click here’, ‘do this’ etc. etc. We’re thinking about making training videos of a recorded screen and someone narrating what’s going on but that’s going to be a massive undertaking for us.

As for training admins, we have no idea. Currently I’m the only admin on our account which is risky.

Hey @Terri and @JTC, what about making training tasks on itself? Another great place to add how-tos for individual boards is the board description (underneath the board name) or an ‘instructions’ group at the top of the board with information/documentation about the board should be used. Let me know what you think!