Help with creating a board \ template suggestion

Hey All,

I need help with building a board \ template suggestion for the bellow scenario -

We have Lead come in via 4 sources: Website, book a meeting, outreach and contact us form - we want to integrate them into a “incoming leads” board.
That boards needs to show us the Lead source (where it came from)

Also we need a Lead table with stages that has an automation every stage to the next stage (cycle?) as bellow -

  1. New Lead - Columns for first meeting + B, A, N, T,
    after completion of above status’s New lead will change to >
  2. Opportunity >
  3. Demo Request\POC >
    Final stage - 4. Negotiation

Is there anything like this or a way to create this?
Thanks in advance!

Hey Inbar! Good question!

I would imagine that each of the stages would in the lead cycle would be represented by a group, and each item would be a lead:

Can you elaborate on how leads are coming in via the website, booking a meeting, and outreach? Do those methods you have set up have integrations with If so you could set up incoming leads to reflect the lead source in a status column.