Help! Can form submission create an Item Library that can be linked to other boards?

Hi, I work for a non-profit and do marketing and communications. We have a partial workflow that is actively utilized. We have a lot of processes working parallel with the same reference information. Is there a way to use a form to populate a content library (communication request library) then use those items to link to any use of the information? In an ideal world I would be able to pull a report or a dashboard view of each use of the item in card format.


Hello Erica,

I think what you are asking can be done with I’ll try to split your requested workflow into parts and then compose it together:

  1. Form is filled and submitted- the submitted form becomes an item in your board.
  2. The new item is reviewd by the team- You can also set an automation which notifies team members any time a new form is submitted and a new item is created.
  3. Request is added to the request library- well, as much as I understand, your board, where all new items are created after each form submision, will be your library. you can split your board into groups accordind to the request subject or category. Here you can also automate the workflow by setting an automation: When status set to something then move item to group.
  4. The next stage will be forwarding the requests to platforms outside such as social media and e-mail campaigns. At this stage you can set an integrations has with outter platforms such as “mailchimp” and more. You can also create an integraion with “Outlook” or “Gmail”: When status changes to something, send email to someone. The “Someone” will be your mailing list. I guess each request category has it’s unique mailing list…

I’m sure support team will assist you.

Good luck,

Thank you so much for your response! I will try that!