Creating Manpower Dispatching Tool For 150 Field Employees

I am looking to build a board that will manage 150 field employees (Do not have accounts). We have about 40 active projects running at one time. I want to allocate manpower needs in an efficient way. I also want insight if I will have manpower available in a couple months for upcoming projects.

Currently we meet every week and allocate resources by day for a 2 week look ahead. Ideally, I’d like to see more than 2 weeks. Below is a screenshot of some of what we do currently in excel. This is part of the concrete team.

The names on the left column are the crew leads. Sometimes we have to break the teams up on multiple projects, hence why there is a 1, 2, 3 by their names.

I need to know:

  1. What project needs people?
  2. What trade? (Concrete, Landscape, Carpenters…etc)
  3. How many people are needed?
  4. How long do you need them for?

I’d like to plan on a much longer time frame. Any Ideas?

Hey @TechconConstruction,

Thanks for the detailed rundown of your goal here.

Whilst this will require some experimenting to ascertain what works for you best, I do think that our workload feature will be able to pull the relevant information across a longer term timeframe.

Can I ask if you had explored this feature?

Essentially the feature will allow you to track and manage the workload of those teams, across different projects. You can set a weekly capacity and measure this against the manpower in each crew, for each job. You can measure capacity across those more lengthy timelines, and view on a weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly basis.

I’d recommend getting yourself familiar with its capabilities and we can go from there :slight_smile:

I see that view, but it looks like the 150 field employees need to be accounts on the program if I see that correctly? if so, do I need to get them all a subscription for this to work?

Thanks for your reply John! Apologies, I failed to mention that you could invite these employees into the account as viewers which are free across all of our plans. Could this work for you?

Oh that’s great! Let me do some experimenting with that!

Thank you!

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