creation of item in one board creates duplicate information as subitem in another board

Currently I have a Client board and a Contact board. For each client we have multiple contacts. I am trying to see if there is a way that when a new contact is added and when the client id is entered it creates a subitem with the contact information under the appropriate client line item.

Hey @Ariesence,

Thanks for your feature request :pray:

We waned to check if your request was related to the existing feature request here → Automations to create subitems across boards? From our understanding you’d like to create subitems across boards, based on item creation in one of the boards? Let us know, as we can happily merge the requests to put greater emphasis on this need!

I am not sure if I am explaining it correctly or not but basically when we put in a new contact on our contact board and in the id column they put Alice, TX. We would like a subitem created under the main line with the same id Alice, TX to be made with the contact infomation.

So when someone is looking on the client board and open the subitems for Alice, TX they will see all of the contacts we currently have for them.

I am looking for the same thing. When tasks are added on one board, I want it to duplicate on another board as a subitem based on the shared hashtags.

Basically my boss likes to just see tasks on one board. I want to keep track of all the task on another board (open or closed) as subitems. The connector I want is the tag (#).

Is this possible?