Creative team workflow

I am searching for a good example of a workflow for a creative team. They have tasks added to multiple parent boards that need to be mirrored in a creative team board. So far, this process has been very manual. Having to find and connect boards each time one task is added. Has anyone built a workflow that is simple and less manual?

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hi @lritter

Welcome to the community. What is the manual work you are referring to, is that the fact that you need to select the item in the connect_boards column? There is an automation to automatically select the item in a connected board based on a “key”. Alternatively there are apps like Match Index Column that take a different approach on retrieve data from different boards without using mirror columns.

Hi @lritter - you are certainly going down the right road of connected boards/mirroring, however this can sometimes be a frustrating experience if not utilized correctly. Using the right combination of connections and automations can certainly make this solution much less manual for you.

Every implementation is different and while we have helped numerous creative agencies in the past, it was never a one solution fits all.

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HI! Do you mind showing me the automation based on a “key”? The automation I am using would create a new connect column for every item that is brought into the creative team board (because the items are created in multiple boards).

Hi Lisa, when you click automate on your board and search for “match” you will see 3 different automations that connect items based on a matching key. All three are marked as Beta and I don’t know if those are available in all account.

Thank you. Yes, they are available. However, I am not sure how they work. Can you share an example please?

I don’t have experience with these either, just wanted to let you know they are available.

Hey Lisa,
I have an idea that might help you but before I jump in, do you mind clarifying a couple of things for me?
When you say “tasks added to multiple parent boards that need to be mirrored in a creative team board”, what exactly do you mean?
For example, if you have Parent Board A, Parent Board B and Parent Board C, does each board represent the same type of data with the same type of columns? Can one item be in more than one Parent Board or only one?
And are you wanting to connect pre-existing items in the Parent Boards to pre-existing items in the Creative Team Board? Or are you wanting to create new items in the parent board and have that create and connect a new item in the Creative Team Board?
Lastly, do items from more than one Parent Board need to be connected to one item in the Creative Team Board?
Sorry for so many questions, but without having a clear understanding of what you are trying to do, it’s hard to help.