Critical bug on guest access to confidential information on boards

Hi team, its been a while since a write a new post.
In this case i want to bring some critical finding i have made making some tests using guests accounts on our account.

Some months ago was announced that guests will not be seeing the full list of members and guests in the board, that was right!.

But there is STILL some failures on what a guest account could make on a shared board. Here is a list of what i think need to fix it ASAP:

  1. A Guest should not be accesing “activity” information about an item. From here he can see all the changes made or modified on the item and his structure and information, and who make it… thats not right.

  2. A Guest should not been accesing the ARCHIVED ITEMS and less having the option to restore some archived items.

  3. A Guest should not been accesing the RECYCLE BIN of ITEMS and less having the option the undelete them…

I think that nobody have noticed this bugs, buts its important to fix it to keep the confidenciality of the information stored in this boards.

Hearing your comments, best!