CRM showing same deal and account listed for each contact

I have just started testing out the CRM features and I have run into a small problem that is driving me nuts. I haven’t found a solution with troubleshooting or searching in the community FAQ.

I have multiple contacts that are involved in the same deal and same account/company. The issue I am having is when I add each one of these contacts to a deal or account the account/deal is repeated listed in the column it falls under. For example, in the Deals workspace, I have six contacts linked to one deal (and they are all from the same company) and under the Accounts column the company account is listed 6 times. This is redundant… is there a way to stop listing the account for each contact connected in Accounts column if they are all the same?

This is also an issue in the Accounts workspace in the Deals column. Even though the contacts involved with that account are connected to one deal, the same deal is repeated 6 times.

Any workarounds or solutions appreciated!

Hey @Tay_R :wave:

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It is a little difficult to understand exactly the issue you’re experiencing from your description alone. I’d love to have our support team take a closer look at this with you and gather some more details.
Could you please reach out to the team at
It would be great if you could include a few screenshots of the boards you’re using so that the team can better understand the context of the issue and replicate it on their side :smile:



I sent a message and screenshots. Thanks!

You’re welcome @Tay_R! :smile: