Account board only allows only one Deal per Account. I need multiple Deals per Account

I’m relatively new to CRM and am hitting a snag. I have some Accounts that are linked to multiple Deals. (Ex: Client Account ‘A’ is asking for 3 separate projects from my company at the same time).

On the Accounts board, I can only add 1 Deal per Account. Surely I can add multiple deals to a large Account, right?

The consequence is that on the Deals board, only 1 Deal (under Active Deals) will show for the connected Account. Therefore, I can’t add more deals, and can’t get a full picture of the total Deal Value under Deals Won.

My team is on the Standard membership… I can’t believe this would be a limitation of my subscription plan.

I’m sure there must be a simple solution - Any advice is greatly appreciated! Thank you community!

Hey Brendan! What type of column is this ‘Deals’ column? Having this information will help me identify how we can create multiple deals per account here! :blush:

In the meantime, you could change the deals column into a Dropdown Column where you can select multiple deals per account. I hope this is helpful!

Hi Charlotte,

No worries and thanks for reaching out… we figured it out and found the solution :blush:

We did what you suggested below – entered the deals first and then assigned them to contacts. They’d then show up on the accounts connected to each contact.

Previously, we were trying to add deals to the account, without first creating the deal.

Problem solved and we’re up and running,