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I have a PRO account and I’m trying to use Monday as a CRM
We are trying to make that the salespeople only can see the opportunities in which they are assigned, so we created individual sales boards and then replicate each opportunity to a “master board” so the sales manager can see everything.
That is working fine, but now management is asking us to add a regional manager level in which the regional manager all the opportunities from the salespeople in their region and then the sales manager can see everything

Any sugguestions on how to approach that problems

Hi @Gabo!

I haved used the tool very similarly to like how you describe it, and I would solve that issue like this:
Keep the individual salespeople board but instead of replicating the item only to a managerial board, assign another people or status column that lets you choose the regional manager. That way every time a new lead is entered you can copy the item to the corresponding regional manager board, and of course to the sales manager board as well.

If by “replicate” you mean creat a copy, I would suggest instead using a mirror column. That way every time the lead is updated, the information is updated on the regional and sales manager boards as well.

The personalized automations would look something like:
When column x changes to y, create a mirror column on y board and z board.

x = status or person column
y = regional manager
z = sales manager

Hopefully I wasn’t too confusing but if you need more help I’d be happy to assist :slightly_smiling_face:

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Super helpful, I will give it a try…


Hi @Gabo - The suggestion you received here from marcepz is good, that’s probably your best approach on a Pro account.

You may want to consider upgrading to Enterprise, where you would have the ability to have all of the salespeople in one board for ease of management overview, yet each salesperson would still only be able to see their own opportunities. Once everything is together on a single board, you could even use a round robin assignment system for new incoming leads if you like. Reporting can also be much easier to setup and maintain when everything is together. Enterprise gives you the power to easily control what each person can see, while managing your entire CRM and sales pipeline in one board.

If you are interested in learning more about Enterprise features and pricing, I’m happy to provide a private demo. You can book one here: Book Polished Geek: more with