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As the Monday’s built-in email signature “simple” editor isn’t nowhere near as good as e.g. Gmail signatures, I tried making my own email html signature with CSS. The problem I had is that I can’t align text next to an image in the signature. This is the signature that our company usually uses in Gmail:

This however is not possible with Monday’s simple editor, as it doesn’t let you write next to an image, except for one row. Looks like this:

Because of this I wrote the following css code that utilized grid-box properties to align the items as nothing else seemed to work:

I won’t paste the whole signature here in html form, but anyone that knows CSS can get the gist of things from that line.

The problem is that Monday’s editor removes all code that doesn’t have “stuff” inside it. So ANY divs that do not start their own sentences get removed after saving.

So my request is either

  1. let us bring signatures straight from e.g. Gmail
  2. fix the simple editor so that it is actually usable or
  3. allow usage of normal HTML and CSS without removing things

My problem is similar. I just want to be able to create HTML emails inside of monday. I had an idea to put the html in a long text column. Which would work, but a whole email is too much text to fit into the column limits.

But maybe it could work for you. Try putting the html with inline css into a board column and see if you can just insert it as a column into the email. It is definitely not a solution, but as a workaround it could maybe work for you.

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Create your email signature using a separate HTML editor, such as Sublime Text, VS Code, or any other code editor. Once you’ve crafted your signature, copy the HTML code and paste it into Monday’s editor. Keep in mind that Monday’s editor may still strip out certain elements or styles, so you may need to adjust your code accordingly.