Curl create_item location column

i try to create an item on a loacation column using curl :

-d ‘{“query”:“mutation{create_item(item_name:“NEU”,board_id:1103411676,group_id:m845162,column_values:”{\“standort\”:\"{\“lat\”:\“40.6892494\”,\“lng\”:\"-74.0445004\"}\"}"){id}}"}’

i get this error message:
{“error_message”:“Internal server error”,“status_code”:500}

where is the syntax error ?

this command (same data but change_column_value instead of create_item) works fine:

-d ‘{“query”:“mutation{change_column_value(item_id:1207502963,board_id:1103411676,column_id: “standort”, value:”{\“lat\”:\“40.6892494\”,\“lng\”:\"-74.0445004\"}"){name}}"}’

thank you

Hey @stefanSchoener ,

seems like your group_id is not a string.



Tell us if that helped!

Hi @stefanSchoener, welcome to our community!

I’m curious-- does this query work in our Developer’s Playground, and it’s only not working using a curl command?

I would recommend trying it out there to see if it works.

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Hi @stefanSchoener!

Since it’s been a while since we’ve heard from you, I’m going to mark this thread as solved and it will close after 7 days.

If this issue is still persisting for you, feel free to comment before then or open a new thread.


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