Custom Calendar Weeks/Periods/Quarters

We’ve been trialling with our finance team who use a financial year and not a calendar year in just about every aspect of their planning. Ideally we would be able to specify any number of arbitrary time periods within our business by setting say:

‘Period’ X = Date 1 to Date 2
‘Period’ Y = Date 3 to Date 4 etc.

Which could then be displayed on the Gantt, just like you can with calendar Days/Weeks/Months etc. The problem isn’t a filtering one, we could obviously set up a column to hold a Period number for example but it’s of more use in something presentational like the Gantt.

This is probably a little niche but even being able to offset the week number would be helpful so that on a gantt chart for example we could place Week 1 in July (because for some reason that’s how our business has always had their financial year!) so it would look something like this (mocked up):


Has anybody had a similar issue? Trying to search for solutions seemed to suggest our business may be the only ones who don’t use calendar year!