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@kimb I have been working on creating a gantt chart. The problem I am having is that when the dates start to populate, the app is creating lead and lag times that I am not imputing which makes the whole project continue to go wild.

Hi @Hunter99, thanks for the update. Please see my response in our other thread and we’ll make it work :slight_smile:

FYI @Shamika_Khedkar

@Kimb Thanks for all of your responses.

My team is wanting to see duration in weeks instead of working days. Is this possible? I have looked and have not found a workable solution, so hoping you may have a suggestion.

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Hi @Hunter99,
Good question! Yes - we’re currently working with a client who also wants to see duration in weeks. You’ll need to add a formula column with the formula: {Days Out}/5

Formula assumptions:

  1. Your duration column is called ‘Days Out’ (i.e., you still need to define the duration in working days for SPRO to work)
  2. The number 5 in the formula assumes that you work a 5 day workweek

Please reach out to with any further questions :slight_smile:

FYI @Shamika_Khedkar