Struggling with Timelines and Charts- New User from Smartsheet

Not sure what I’m missing here. I’m moving over to Monday from Smartsheet.
We use Gantt Charts for projects (we work in construction).

I used the Single Project Template to get started. Created all of my traditional tasks and ownership. Have the Timeline and Duration and Dependent elements on.

I’m having an issue where I’m moving over my old schedules to Monday.

Anytime I add a duration to a task, it immediately marks the timeline from TODAY. I have to go back in and redit the element to match the old schedule.

What am I doing wrong, because I’m investing TONS of time into getting these lined out.

Something that would take me at max 10 min to build an entire schedule is taking an hour.

Hi @TrocoChris - when adding a duration it should only default the timeline start to Today if the timeline is currently blank. Otherwise it should base it on the current entered start date.

If this is not happening, I would advise reaching out to as this sounds like a bug.


The reason why the timeline is being marked from today is because the default setting for the Timeline column is “Start Date + Duration”. This means that the timeline will show the start date of the task plus the duration of the task. To change this setting, you can go to the column settings and change the Timeline calculation to “Start Date”.

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Where is the column setting? The three tabs next to timeline don’t give me an option to change “timeline calculation”.

Here’s how I traditionally would build a schedule previously in smarthsheet.
Insert Tasks as appropriate.
Set dependencies
The first task date entered (in our case is contract receipt date)
Fill in durations, and the timeline will auto populate.

Am I doing it wrong?