SchedulerPro app for

Hey community!

Through reading your posts we’ve seen that you want the ability to:

  • automatically sync all your task start & end dates
  • use any dependency type on the fly
  • add lag times between tasks to accomodate changes

So, the Work Perfect team has created the SchedulerPro app for See the app in action here

Activate SchedulerPro on your account here


This looks interesting. Is this found in the Appsmarket place? I had a look under the Project Management category however I was not able to find the app there.

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Hi @rosalind - thanks for the comment. It’s currently a private app, meaning it’s not on the Apps Marketplace. If you fill out this form you can get access to it!

Hi @Kimb can you please confirm if the app is able to populate the timeline column in addition to start and end dates?

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Hi @JustAnotherPM (and @rosalind),
Good question - yes, the app can populate both timeline and start/end dates.

If yourself or anyone else is interested to power-up their projects on and needs help in installing the app - please register for our Lunch&Learns here.

If you’re seeing this and have missed out on the Lunch&Learns, no worries!!
See a recording of the session here :sunglasses:

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reading conversation was helpful

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Hi all, thanks for that!
@Kimb do you support “negative lag” calculation -
aka, “3 days before task B starts, task A needs to be done”?

Hi @idofr - yes, if I understood you correctly, this functionality is within our app!

I am trying to get access to this app with the form you attached, without success.
Can you help?

I want to sell it to a client that needs it in order to move forward,
but I want to test it before

Why isn’t that an app in the marketplace?

Hi @idofr - to date we were/are selling the app privately.
We’ve just submitted our app to the team for review and listing to the marketplace. The app is in the process of being listed.

Hi team - SchedulerPro has been listed on the marketplace!! :cowboy_hat_face: :partying_face:

Search for SchedulerPro in the app marketplace today :slight_smile:
Or click to try it here:

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Hello @Kimb I have multiple project running on and more to come. Recently started transitioning everything within SPRO. There are times when I know everything is set up properly and it still wont populate. I am in NYC so I am unable to make the weekly Q&A sessions.

Hi @Hunter99, thanks for the update. This must be frustrating. Please feel free to email me at, I’m sure we can help set it up properly and it’ll work :slight_smile:

FYI @Shamika_Khedkar