New project intake and scheduling

Hi there. I’m new to Monday, and I have a very specific use case. If the platform can handle this and I should consult another thread, please advise.

When I take on new projects, most of my clients have no concrete deadlines. They are “when can you do them?” type requests. In other words, I have to set the schedules.

However, if I’ve got many of these types of projects, and a schedule full of meetings (i.e. periods of time when I cannot accomplish a project task), how can I leverage Monday to help me schedule these out?. Brownie points for pushing these to my calendar after they’re scheduled.

The optimization is pretty simple, and I’ve coded up a notebook in Python to do this:

Step 1 - take a list of project tasks, their priorities on a scale from 1 to 10 say (which I know), and how long it will take to get them done (which I know) - this seems like the stuff of a Monday board.

Step 2 - Extract my schedule (again, brownie points for real-time integration with my MS Outlook calendar, but if not, another board of my “current day”, with rows as 1/2-hour increments, and a column indicating whether or not I’m available for that time slot)

Optimize - fit project tasks into time slots such that my objective, maximizing priority, is achieved.

Again, my goal is to be able to schedule projects and their tasks with ease, while maximizing productivity (as proxied by priority), and let me clients know when I can start and end their work!

Any help here, ideas or redirection is welcome and much appreciated!