Sounds so simple: Pushing a timeline respecting working days

Hello! We are currently investigating how we can use instead of MS Project.
But there is one thing, I can’t wrap my head around: how handles workdays.
So I am listing a couple of things, that I find extremely irritating, but I am sure (or I hope) I am
just using monday the wrong way. It must have an alternative concept, that I just don’ see yet.
So please enlighten me :slight_smile:

(1) WORKDAYS in Gantt-View work, but only for -one item- at a time?

In Gantt-View, you can select and drag one item to the right. And if you use 2 automations,
all dependend items move along with it. RESPECTING workdays, so no task has to be done on weekends.
That is great. Until you have a project that has over 400 items. And not all of them are dependent (luckily).
So the whole Gantt has to move, let’s say three days? How do you do that?
In Gantt I cant select multiple lines… so I really have to drag 50-70 of non-dependent items manually and hope
I don’t mess it up?
Logical suggestion: go into spreadsheet view.

(2) Pushing dates in column view does NOT RESPECT workdays?
So I use the batch feature, select everything and boom everything moves 3 days to the right.
Awesome. Well, almost. Because 280 of my tasks now have to be done on the weekends.
And there is no way around it. I could find absolutely none.
And I really tried. I put lots and lots of hours in learning about automations, integrations, formulas etc.
So I am perfectly capable of taking a timeline, extracting the start-date, adding 3 workdays, and concatenateing
a sweet YYYY-MM-DD+YYYY-MM-DD formatted string into a column. With an integration even into a timeline column!

That solves it right?
Unfortunately not.

Because there is one evil thing, that you can’t get around. Not if you use several columns, not if you use external integrations.
There is no way to manipulate an already existing timeline-column based on the data that is originally used inside.
So there is no
on trigger take a timeline → add 3 days → write back into column
Not even if you split it up into multiple integrations or formulas.

So I went on and searched for a non-manual solution. But there seems to be none.

As there is no outrage in this forum about this, I just guess I am using wrong.
Because moving multiple timeline-entries back and forth (without weekends) is exactly what I
would a PM-Tool to do as a BASIC thing.

Dear community, help me in finding out how you move all your items around… :heart: please.
thanks so much in advance :innocent:

Happy new Year everyone,

is there anyone who could help me with that?

Thanks so much

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