Automation that excludes weekends

The gantt chart in Monday seems to work well to show timelines of tasks. I also use the automation to move due date when a dependent task is moved. However, what I have not found yet is the option to not use weekends as working days. I see the option to not display weekends, but until now the software always assumes that we also work on weekends. (E.g. if a task is scheduled for Wednesday to Friday and gets moved as the prior task is delayed by one day, the task will be moved to Thursday until Saturday. I would rather want it to move to Thursday to Monday instead)



I think a setting, either global or per automation, to toggle “Include Weekends” or something like that would be a nice addition to Monday automations. +1

In the meantime, for your particular workflow, would it be possible to replace the Monday automations with either General Caster formulas or Integromat? This would allow you more control over how the dates are set and you might be able to build in functions that skip weekends.

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