Custom column development


I want to know if it’s possible to develop custom columns to add on a board.
If not, is there any chance to customise somehow the value that appears on a column?
In the end, we want to allow the users to select one or multiple values, but we don’t like to use the we don’t want to use the dropdown for three reasons:

  • A user can add another value and we don’t want to allow that
  • We want to add a link on the value selected to go to some board integration.
  • We want to customise what the users can see on a selected value, like adding an image or something else.

Any ideas/suggestions?

Hi @aavila - while custom columns are not possible in monday an option could be to have the options in a separate board and utilize a connected board column. Then mirror additional details attached to that option (URL, etc). You can set the permissions on the source connected board columns to restrict who can see what.

Hope this helps,

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+1000 on this.
@dipro any chance?

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Hello all!

Thank you for reaching out about this @aavila .

As @mark.anley said, you can’t customize the column’s properties. And thank you for the idea! I think it is a good one!

Another thing you can do is:
You can use the dropdown column and set the permissions so that the options can’t be modified. Then, you could use a webhook that is triggered each time the dropdown column changes. This webhook will send you the selected option. You can now use this to populate a link column in your board with the link that leads to the desired board.

I did not understand what you were trying to achieve regarding the image. If you want to add an image to a dropdown column, that is not possible.

Please let me know if this is useful!


thanks @mark.anley, very good solution! that’s what we finally implemented

The aim was to have a custom select field that allow us to customise not only the values (as this is achievable now), but also to customise what is rendered when a value is selected, allowing us to render a image associated to that value or adding an external link to open a detail view

But also thanks for your response! :blush:

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