Custom Integration "Every week, if status is something, send webhook and create update" - for all items

Hi everyone,

I’m beginner in this world of developers. I need some help please, I’m trying to create a custom integration (or automation) :

“Every week, if status is something, send a webhook and create an update”

Someone can help me please ?
I have read several times all the documentations (API, tutorials to create app…)

Thank you for your help,

Hi @JasonBenichou

From the info you supplied I would say the best approach is to:

  1. build an Integration app and use “Recurring” as your trigger
  2. use a custom action with an endpoint on your own server
  3. when recurring trigger fires (e.g. once a week) your action will be called with the boardId
  4. your action sends the request to your app
  5. the app receives a token form the platform and can do API calls, like check a status for a given value, create an update, post to a webhook endpoint etc

Not sure what the purpose is of calling a webhook, what does the webhook do with the data you want to send to it?


Hi Bas,

Thank you for your answer. There is a way to create a custom action that create update for all the items of my board (without a server) ?

Hi Jason,

If do not want to use your own server running the backend code for an integration you are stuck with the default automation recipes in I don’t think any standard automation creates an update for all items on your board.

What is your definition of an update? In monday an update is the area where you can write updates for an item (by clicking the left most column). Is that what you mean?

Yes It’s exactly what I mean.

Maybe you can explain me, how to configure a server to do this ?

Thank you a lot for your time

That is a long story I am afraid. You need to program your own app that communicates with the monday platform. In the documentation there are some good examples.

Hi @JasonBenichou!

Much thanks to @basdebruin for the super helpful pointers. I definitely agree: it sounds like the best option at this time would be to create a custom solution as we don’t offer any built-in automations that are able to achieve what you’re looking to do.

I’m not sure how much technical experience you have, but perhaps instead of jumping straight into coding your own monday app, you can first experiment with the third-party app integration platforms Zapier and Integromat?

These would allow you to create and set up a similar workflow as the one your described above. I would definitely recommend getting started here!

Hi Helen,

Thank you for your help.

I’m trying to send every week personalised email to each of our customer. For that I sent an email with gmail, but we have more than 2000 customers, so we are limited with gmail. So we decided to move to SendGrid. We are using Zapier + Sendgrid. But we need to send every week a webhook to Zapier, with the details information of all our item in our board (all of our customers).

Our goal is to “every week, send a webhook” (for each item in a board)

Have you an idea ?

Thank you,

Hey There @JasonBenichou I think this can be done by chaining a couple of automations together.

Try adding a status column on your customer board that will track the ‘weekly update’ (I’m calling it status 1 for my example)

Then add 2 automations - 1 recurring and 1 custom

and 1 integration to trigger the webhook

So essentially anytime Status 1 changes the second automation will set it to send an update and trigger the webhook.

Hope that helps!

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Thank you so much for sharing @timlittletech!

I think this could definitely work for your purposes @JasonBenichou, definitely take a look at Tim’s suggestion.

Because we only have a limited number of webhooks, I think using a workaround like what Tim is suggesting would be your only option:

Hey @timlittletech!

that does look like an awesome solution, thanks so much for sharing here!

@JasonBenichou would oyu be able to let us know if this would do the trick for you? Otherwise, I’d love to see what else we can think of to get to the result you’re looking for.


Thank you a lot to everyone !!! That’s a very good solution

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I tried to create my custom hook to send some informations, but I didn’t find how to do it, all the time I receive “” and not the name (or other column values).

You can find here, how I created my custom webhook action :

And the result here (from zapier) :
Screenshot 2021-05-28 at 09.50.38

Thank you again,

Hi @JasonBenichou!

I see you’re trying to use a custom action block to complete this action.

In your custom app recipe configuration, what did you select to be the input field for the “message” field? More specifically, I’m asking about this screen:

What is the input field for the “message” field? The reason I ask is because that will determine where the “message” field is pulling data from.


I’m pulling the message from the sentence,

as you can see

Hey @JasonBenichou maybe I missed something, but are you creating an app? Or just trying to get a web hook triggered to zapier?

If it’s the latter then you shouldn’t need the custom recipe. You just create an integration of type webhook. And plug in the url from zapier for the endpoint to send the info to.

Hope that helps!

How can I send some information in the webhook ? Because I try with « when status change, send a webhook », on zapier, I just received the information that the status change. But I need some column value and the name of the item.

It’s why I tried to create a custom action for the integration.

Have you an idea ?

You should receive a boardID and a PulseID with the webhook. Then in Zapier have a second module which goes and gets the other columns/info you need using the ‘Get Column Values’ action. Make sure to map the info from the webhook into your ‘Get Column Values’ to make sure you get the information for the right item.

Hope that helps.

Hi, I can’t contribute to this conversation, but Jason I wanted to congratulate and encourage you for taking on something new and intimidating. Hats off to you! Keep asking questions and taking it a step at a time. :slight_smile:


Hey everyone,

First off, @timlittletech - that’s an excellent solution and exactly what I would recommend. @JasonBenichou would you be able to give that a shot? I’m curious to see if that would work for you.

@evang - that was so amazingly sweet and kind of you! :pleading_face: Thanks for being awesome.