Custom integration recipe for existing apps like toggl, jira etc

Hi Eeveryone,

Please help us to resolve our query

We want to integrate our Workspace board with Monday’s apps in the marketplace (Jira, in our case). We have two queries:

• Can we create a custom recipe for external Monday apps to perform specific actions on the Monday board and vice versa? For example, we have Xx number of integration recipes provided by for Jira; now, if we wanted to write a new recipe (different from the existing ones ), what steps we need to take?

• Can we capture the OnClick event of the Monday board’s column value into our custom application code?
How to trigger that event?

Hey @aquibk
I don’t want to to mis speak but to my understanding the only user that can add new integration recipes inside of is the creators of the integration sadly.

In terms to a simple work around I recommend either Integromat or Zapier. Both of these are able to have triggers based on changes inside of a board and then process actions based on the jira API. For the most part its fairly simple to pick up on happy to provide more support.

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Hey @jackjack2202
Thanks for the quick response but I am still not clear that what if I want to create a recipe of my own to perform some set actions in external apps like Gmail, Toggl etc which are not available in the inbuilt recipes or in zapier as well?

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hi @aquibk,

Welcome to the community! From what I understand you want to create your own recipes. That can be done within the Apps part of the platform. You can add recipes that are triggered by e.g. column_change and when the recipe fires it will call your custom code. This code (e.g written in NodeJS) needs to be running on a server accessible over the Internet (so you need to host your own server). If you click your avatar in and go to the Developers section you can find some examples. These are also available through this link:

I don’t say it is an easy task but it certainly can be done :slight_smile:


Thanks for chiming in @basdebruin. This is for sure the more complicated way of going about it but does help keep it within for easy reproduction witch can be very nice.

From what it sounds like tho @aquibk you should be able to use interomat. Do you mind sharing what calls from jira you are looking to use and I can draft something up for you on what it may look like?

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Hiya @aquibk :wave:

My warmest welcome to the community and I appreciate you creating this thread to discuss further :slight_smile: What a great way to enter the forums. I hope you enjoy your stay.

I appreciate your responses here @jackjack2202 and @basdebruin, as they are really helpful and provide different points of view on the same end goal.

Just to provide a bit more resources and help from our end, I wanted to share the quickstart guides we currently have for building a custom recipe with’s API. You could use those as a reference point to connect your account to Jira. The recipes you built would not be part of the “official” Jira integration that is shown within our interface, but instead would be part of your account as reusable flows. Does that make sense?

Please feel free to browse the quickstarts below:

API Quickstart Tutorial - Javascript
API Quickstart Tutorial - Python
API Quickstart Tutorial - PHP

I hope this is helpful :slight_smile:


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Hi @basdebruin @AlexSavchuk @jackjack2202

Thank you for the warm welcome, I am really glad to get so much quick responses.
Well I have already successfully tried this for creating custom recipes which can automate operations with in the board(like if I change the value of column, it should perform some action with in a board).
What actually I want is that if I change the value of a column or lets say stop the timer for an item, It should perform some action(whatever I want) in that external application which I am integrating with(like Toggl, Gmail etc…).
And if this is possible, Can I get the steps which I need to follow?
Do I need to consume the API’s of those (Toggl, Gmail) applications in my custom recipe code?

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Thank you for getting back to us on this and I’m glad you enjoy our speediness :slight_smile:

In that case, yes, you will need to make an API connection between the two platforms. You will need to make sure that the values you are sending from are digestible/accessible for the target API of choice, and in this case, you could potentially use webhooks to target a ngrok-server (or any server that can be hosted locally, but accessible as a public endpoint) to transfer the data between the tools.

Does that make more sense? Basically, when creating a custom integration between the platforms, you will indeed need to handle all of the steps to ensure the code is running well.


Thanks for the help, I’ll try it out.