Custom Sort a Chart's X / Y axis

Hello there,

I haven’t been able to find anywhere the ability to sort X / Y axis not by alphabetical order but logical…

i.e. the Custom Sort on Excel. I wouldn’t want to display my bar chart with days on the x axis as Friday, Monday, Saturday, Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday, Wednesday but clearly by the right order.

i.e. 2. i would rather have on the stacked bars chart the blocked & On Hold items in the bottom while the waiting & in progress items on the top of the stack…

Setting the list in the intended order in the different options of a status doesn’t help neither.

How do we do ?

Hey @GPL, thanks so much for posting about this! At the moment there’s no way to sort X/Y axes on charts by a logical/custom order like you’re looking for, I’m afraid. I’m going to pass your feedback to the team as a feature request, because I can see how helpful it would be to display the bar chart by weekday in the order in which they occur, like you said, rather than alphabetically.

For workarounds and other tips I would recommend writing into