Stacked bar Chart- Alphanumerical sorting options for the stacked by axis

feature request for stacked bar chart display options.

Right now the more settings only allows me to sort by the X-axis. I would like to be able to configure the Z-axis sorting. By Z-axis I mean the 3rd dimension of the stacked bar chart, the stacked by. Z-axis ordering should have options for alphanumerically sorting what the chart is stacked by.

*note: being able to customize the color-code of different attributes in charts in general would also solve the problem I’m dealing with.

Rationalization: Ability to customize the order for visuals would be extremely helpful. Right now Monday’s default settings decide the color and ordering of our stacked bar chart differently than other charts (which i believe is a un-configurable sort of values descending), which is confusing to look over holistically.

Example is attached where the color code and order of a metric [“Past, Not Complete” and “Approaching”] changes depending on if it is in a pie chart or stacked bar chart. The pie chart allows me to alphanumerically sort the attribute, but the stacked bar chart does not (the attribute in this case would be the Z-axis or otherwise called what it is stacked by).