Reorder stack in a stacked bar chart


Is there a way to order how the statuses on a stacked bar chart are stacked?

For example, I currently have two stacked bar charts that stack based on different status columns. One of my statuses are numbered 1-5. The other is numbered 1-2.

One of my charts displays the information correctly (stacked 1, 2, 3, 4, and then 5) but the other chart stacks the information backwards (starting with status 2 and then status 1).

Any way to fix this?


Hi @bikran - did you solve this? I am having a similar problem. I am trying to use a stacked graph for forecasting and I want to stack by status but in a specific order. Thank you!

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Hi, same request. Any way of influencing the order? It seems random

I have same problem, would be super useful if it is developed.

I was told there’s no solution to reorder the colors. It is based on an internal numbering system. If you change the colors they will be reordered.

Well, were you told about the colour sequence? that could be a work-around at least.

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Yes I was - here you go:

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I made a feature request to add sorting options for the stacked by if anyone wants to follow along