Custom text template using existing fields

My users need a way to populate a blurb in a subitem column to copy and paste onto their invoices from columns each month. Here’s what it should look like:

[ITEM NAME (not subitem name)] Block of Hours
Total Hours Through [DATE]: [NUMBER OF HOURS] Hrs
Total Billings Through [DATE]: ([NUMBER OF HOURS]* $[COST PER HOUR]): $[TOTAL COST]
Billed this Period: $[AMOUNT BILLED THIS PERIOD]

Remaining/Unused Hours on this contract: [TOTAL NUMBER OF HOURS]- [NUMBER OF HOURS USED] = [REMAINING NUMBER]Hrs
Remaining/Unused Billings on this contract $[REMAINING CONTRACT BALANCE]

All the variables listed above are in columns on either the main item or subitem. Is there a way for me to bring those values into a block with the other text listed above so my users don’t have to manually type this blurb every time?

Hey Mac,

I’d love to ask a few more questions to be sure I am understanding your end goal here, if that’s okay? :pray:

To clarify, where does this template sit that you’re hoping to create from the aforementioned values? For example, in the updates section of the item, in the subitems (and associated columns) or in a seperate doc? Do you send these invoices natively within the platform?

Additionally, is the goal to automate the process of sending that information (from the item + subitem columns) into a template to send in your invoices?

I appreciate your help here!

Hi Bianca,

The template doesn’t exist yet. I’m hoping I can simply create a new column in Monday that will spit the blurb out so my end users can copy and paste it into the invoice when it’s created. They’re currently manually typing all the values in, but the values already live in Monday columns.

No need to automate sending of anything. I just need to fill in the values in the proposed “formula” above with values that already exist in columns on the space :slight_smile:

Thanks for clarifying Mac!

I wonder if something like this could work for you? You could set up a button column, so that once all data is populating the columns, you can click the button to create an update which pulls information from all of the columns - from there your team can simply copy/paste that blurb (from the updates) into the invoice. What do you think?

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We’re getting close! This is how it appears when I try this solution (ignore the “???” values):

Ideally, we would be able to execute this action on the subitem but retrieve values from the item as well so we don’t end up with multiple values as shown in the screenshot. There will be a subtask for each month, so as the automation executes on the item, it appears it will pull multiple values due to the multiple subitems with the column data I’m needing to pull in.

Can you think of a workaround for this? Thank you for your help!

So while the button column isn’t supported on the subitem level, you could instead trigger the update using a dedicated status column?

As for the duplicated data in the updates section, is it possible for you to map the specific columns into the updates section that you need to ensure data isn’t duplicated from the item and subitem level? Apologies - I may be misunderstanding!