Custom webhook with column value if not null


I’m trying to see if I can replace some code and diminish requests by using integrations.

Basically, if any column changes, I now send a webhook, then I have to query the item for a specific column value that is a unique id that is the same in multiple other applications and is used to identify the item across the company.

So what I would like to know, is if there’s anyway to create a custom action that would send a webhook with this column value so I can save a request. I managed to replicate the webhook integration but couldn’t find a way to select the text of another column when any column changes. I tried the columnValue from recipe but I could not manage to select anything and import to board.

I hope this makes sense to someone,


Hi @lalondesteve, Steve,

This looks very much like the one answered here Webhook event type change_specific_column_value

Or am I misunderstanding your question?

Hey, I’m re-reading this post, but I don’t think that’s what I mean.

Let me try to clarify:
Trigger : Any column changes
Current Action:
Webhook is sent with values board_id, item_id, column_id, new column value and previous column_value
What I would like the webhook to be:
board_id, item_id, column_id, new_column_value, specified_column_id’s value

e.g. my board has columns name, uniqueId, status1, status2, status3, notes
whenever any column changes, uniqueId would be returned with the webhook

Hi @lalondesteve

OK, understood. So you want to know the value of a specific column when another column changes (triggers the webhook). The only way I can see this work is when you query the item in your code when you receive the request from the webhook. The payload contains the board_id and item_id, so when you knwo the column_id it should be easy to query the value of that column / item.

Does that make sense?

yep, that’s what I’m doing now :
receive webhook, query item values by item_id, process values and ship to other service.

I was hoping that I could prevent the fetching of item values and remove a request + accelerate the update of my other service.

dream process : receive webhook, process changes and ship to other service.

The ultimate goal would be to have the minimal amount of custom code on my server and have the two services talk together with their own solutions.

Hey @lalondesteve – thanks for posting here! A “custom webhook” app that lets you construct the webhook’s payload from scratch would be really cool.

Is your end goal to minimize custom code on your server (ie, use as many features as possible that are packaged in monday) or make requests as quick as possible?

I ask because sending an additional API request to get data from a column shouldn’t add too much performance overhead (if everything’s working the way it should), but does significantly increase the amount of logic that needs to live outside of monday.

By the way – what’s the other service that you’re sending data to?

Hey @dipro, the goal would be to reduce the influence of the server to a minimum, and with a bit of luck, not have a server in between services by using their own features.

The other service is a sharepoint list synced to an in house service to manage our inventory and activities.

I first started trying to do everything in MS Flow, but that would have taken me more time than coding my own intermediary python service. So I have a working solution, but the request is to use as much «out of box» (like ms calls it) features as possible.

Thanks for the context. I asked because I can think of another solution, but it’s a pretty involved workaround… Any chance your sharepoint list allows for updates via email?

Here’s how to set up the solution I’m imagining…

Step 1: Set up this email integration (you can use Outlook or Gmail) -

Step 2: Configure the email body to include the other column value

Step 3: Receive email in Sharepoint (using their incoming email handler) and update list accordingly.

What do you think?

yeah, we’ve been using the sharepoint email tricks in another branch as it’s the only way to interact with another service.

I’ll keep this in my backpocket if I get asked to retire the server option.

Anyway, the slowness and general dinosaurity of sharepoint is a bigger problem than monday’s early limitations.