Customizing the browser tab icon for a form

Just curious if there’s a way to customize the browser tab icon for a form? Even telling it to at least default to the icon would be a bit more professional than just having the default globe icon show up.

Hi @GSN! Just to clarify, are you referring to the red icon (/globe on your end) as shown in the screenshot below?

Screen Shot 2023-02-23 at 1.42.49 pm



I’m referring to the icon in the attached image.

Is that the tab icon that displays when you share your form/preview your form?

Yes. When a user fills out the form, this is the tab icon displayed.

This is interesting as on my end it displays the icon that I’ve posted in the screenshot above. Do you get the same result when you open the form link in an incognito window?

In incognito mode, the icon changes to a batman-like graphic.

Hm! Please let me follow up on this for you :pray: I will circle back here once I get a reply from our developer team.

Thank you, @BiancaT !

Thanks for your patience! Our product team have asked if the behaviour persists when you open the form in a new browser?

When I open the form in a new browser (Microsoft Edge - Version 110.0.1587.63 [Official build] [64-bit]), I still get the same result, but with a different icon.

Thanks for sharing @GSN. I’ve spoken to our product team and transparently they believe that this might be an issue specific to your browser and not necessarily the platform - I apologise, as I recognise this isn’t the answer you’ve been waiting to hear. That being said, you’re welcome to reach out to and share this thread who can escalate it to our developers. That being said, I do want to be transparent about an ETA for an investigation/fix, as the team are currently prioritising bugs of greater severity right now. I really appreciate your understanding of this in advance :pray:

This generic globe icon (Chrome default) is what shows up for me as well for the forms. I would like this to default to the Monday logo or, even better, give us the option of changing the tab icon for Monday forms!


@BiancaT Please share with your product team, because I’m in total agreement with @codylthomas about the ability to customize the tab icon.

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