Dashboard colomns mixed up

I have created a sales funnel with dashboards. These columns are linked to the months. This way I can see what the turnover is per month. These months are listed in order on the board where I enter the turnover. In the beginning they were in order in the dashboard. They are now mixed up, I would like to get this back in order. Can someone help me?

You can try going to the main table and sorting the items by your preferred column. When you save that sort (in the Main Table) it will save the order as the board position.

Additionally, check the options in your widget. What type of widget is this? Charts tend to allow you to sort by axis.

Thanks for the answer. But as you can see in de pictures. Everything is ordered the right way, but doesn’t come up the right way in the Chart.

This is the main table on the connected board:

These are the settings in the chart:

But it comes up this way in the chart:

I can’t find where the problem is. For a couple of weeks at first it would work but then suddenly it was like this…

Looks like it’s sorting alphabetically. Did you change the date format, or are you using a formula for the date, rather than a date column?

Maybe it would be simplest to just change the headers to a numeric format so that it sorts correctly. Something like YY/MM

It was indeed sorting alphabetically. I’m indeed using a formula colomn because the row has to contain a sum up of different colomns to check de revenue that month.

It’s weird that at first it would sort properly by lining up de months next to each other. But later it went over to alphabet. But i’ve now sorted it by MM/YY and this does work.

Thanks for the help!

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