Dashboard from Multiple Board Statuses Issue


I am trying to create a Dashboard view from 3 separate boards. Each of the boards has two status columns, and those status columns have a high volume of labels in each. (e.g. Board 1, Status 1 has 15 labels. Board 2, Status 1 has 15 labels.).

When I create a chart for example, looking at all 3 boards, a status from Baord 1 is equated to a status from Board 2 of the same colour label. Is there any way of doing this with a high volume of status labels without it viewing same coloured labels from different boards as the same label on the dashboard?


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Hmm have you considered changing the status label colors in the boards?

Besides changing the label colors, you could add a new chart widget and separate the status labels or boards themselves by widget.

Let me know if either of these would work for you!

I’ve tried changing the label colours but I have more labels than there are choices of colours, so this is exactly what creates the issue when a colour is used twice across two different boards.