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When we use same color in 1 same column name (label option name is different) of different boards and try to create dashboards of these 2 board but it only contains 1 board data of that particular column.
Example - In the Screenshots you can see different color in different zones but when we select ECR color in NFR it will only give 1 board data.

Hi Tanzeela,

I’m not 100% sure what the use case parameters are or what configuration the configuration settings are for the graph in your screenshot, but I think I have some troubleshooting advice:

  1. Make sure the columns that you would like to see represented on the same graph match exactly. This means exact label name (case sensitive), colors, options). The graph depends on exact matches to group the items together.

  2. Make sure you are creating the graph on a distinct Dashboard.
    To see data from multiple boards at the same time, you can use a distinct board type called a Dashboard. (It’s confusing because each board can have a view also called a Dashboard.)

  3. Make sure the boards are connected to the main Dashboard

  4. Make sure the settings of the Graph widget have selected both/all boards using the checkboxes in the"Choose Boards" section, which is near the bottom and easy to miss):

  5. Make sure the “Choose Groups” section is set up as desired

Thank you for your question!
Shawna from Launch Point

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