Dashboard Gantt chart - Don't want to show completed tasks

Hello, I want to see a crisp gantt chart view of all open tasks across all connected boards. But my gantt chart shows all tasks even the completed ones, dating back months and it comes in chronological order. I would like to not show the completed tasks and if there is no way to make them disappear, atleast can they appear in the bottom of the gantt chart? I use Date and Timeline for my boards, I have tried selecting and unselecting these to see if the done tasks disappear but they don’t. Can anyone help me?

Hi @Manjari ,

Do you have other widgets on this dashboard or is it a standalone widget that displays the gantt chart?

If it is a standalone widget, you could filter at the dashboard level and filter out all “Done” tasks. You will find filter at the top near the middle of the screen and click on that. Then create a filter that states show all items where status is not done and don’t forget to select each connected board at the top of the drop down and make a filter for each board. Then you will push save at the top and all done items will be hidden from the gantt.

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Thanks Kayla that’s helpful. Since I had 7 connected boards, i created filters for all 7 of them and saved. It took away all the Done tasks. I also found another solution for this. In my boards I have been moving all the ‘done’ tasks to another group in the bottom so my working groups don’t grow bigger. There is an automated rule in place to move items to bottom group once they are marked done. In Dashboard - widget settings, I went to ‘Choose groups’ and unselected the Done group in each board. This also removed all the done items from the dashboard Gantt chart.