Gantt chart completed tasks

Hi all,

I have a question regarding Gantt. I’ve created deadlines for our projects, but Gantt doesn’t show the completed tasks, only the tasks that are still remaining. Why isn’t it showing the completed tasks? It’s also not showing all tasks that are yet to be completed, even though everything is labeled in the right way. Can anybody help me?

Hey @Dax1 do you have a screenshot of the gantt chart you could share?
Its possible/probably you have some filters set to remove completed tasks, as by default the items should still show up even if ‘completed’

Also take a look at the below shot, if there are multiple date/timeline columns on your board, you need to make sure you’ve selected the right one.

If you are able to provide a screenshot of the gantt, date/timeline columns and the settings menu opened should be a good start in figuring out what’s causing completed tasks to disappear.