Dashboard Permissions

I have 5 independent boards feeding into a independent dashboard. I need to ensure the 5 independent boards are not visible to the users of each board (which I have done), but i also need to ensure the users accessing the dashboard can not access / view the core data in the 5 independent boards.

When I add a user to the dashboard the system is asking me to subscribe them to all 5 boards. Is there anyway around this issue? Unfortunately I cant have those accessing the dashboard accessing to the independent boards because of sensitivity of data issues

Thanks in advance

Hey @Mattieuk,

I am afraid it’s expected at this time that if users aren’t subscribed to all connected boards, data will be restricted in the dashboard.

I understand the frustration here and want to let you know that our product team has plans to address this issue and allow for dashboard sharing, without having to give access to all connected boards. Whilst I cannot provide concrete details just yet, please keep an eye out for our public roadmap which will be released during febuary :pray:

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