Everyone to SEE a dashboard, but not EDIT it?

I have a dashboard for our Leaders to see initiatives from every unit. We want everyone to be able to see this board, but don’t want anyone but the leaders to edit anything.

I’m not sure how the permissions will work, and I don’t want to make the dashboard Main until I’m sure some bozo can’t make a change.


Hey Gerald,

If you’d like for view-only access all you need to do is invite the users to the dashboard, and ensure they’re not dashboard owners. This is what they’ll see when attempting to edit:

Does this help?

Can’t members edit also?

Looks like if a Team is an Owner of a Board, then they also have permission to edit the connected Dashboard. Even though the Team is NOT an Owner of the Dashboard.

Will I have to add everyone individually to the Dashboard? I have 90+ staff . . .

If I try to add a User to the Dashboard, they have to have Board permissions also.

How can I get a Dashboard so that ALL users can see, but not edit unless they are a member? Is there anything other than a Dashboard that I can use?