Data enrichment from other boards

I am trying to achieve the following functionality:

  • I will import the list if items if the new board (in my case it would be companies)
  • I want to search (say by the name) weather any of these items exist in the other board (in my case it would be a list of all companies aver encountered)
  • I want to populate the data in the new board I just imported with the data from that “master database” for the items that match

Is it possible to do within Monday functionality?

Hi @martiran

Welcome to the community. Monday has a concept of connected boards and mirrors. There are pro and cons for this concept. It is really fast, but the mirrored data does not really live on your “master” board. It resides in the “other” board and the “master” board has a view port to that data.

If you are looking to populate the master board with data in source board(s) on a matching key, the app Match Index Column can do that for you. The app works just like the Excel MATCH/INDEX function.

Regarding the mirrors: I think that should work in my case - I would rather mirror it from the “master” board with the view port in the new one. But I still don’t understand how to match them, given that importing will create new instances.

Given that you refer to a paid app I assume there is no built-in functionality like that in Monday. Is that right?
I would in this case rather pre-process the imported against the “master” database exported with excel or some parser scripts - but that defeats a bit the purpose of “one stop shop CRM system”.

hi @martiran

If you go to automations and search for “Match” you get all the automations with matches and mirrors. Looks like you would need to try this one:


This is the built-in monday automation. The difference between this one and the mentioned app is that this one uses mirror columns (that can’t be used in other automations / dashboards) and the mentioned app uses normal monday columns (that can be used in automations / dashboards)