Date filtering

In the employee directory board, I’m trying to filter all employees with a specific birthday month, but it keeps coming up as 0 employees, whatever month I pick. I’m guessing because my choices are “this month”, “next month”, etc. and all the dates are technically in the past (I’m trying to filter from the birthday column). I don’t have the option to filter by actual month. This is a simple and straight forward thing I need to find, and should be able to easily do. Is there a way to filter, or a run a report for this type of information from the information already there without having to add another column?

Hey Carrie!

Unfortunately, the options for what you can filter Date Columns by (“this week”, “this month”, etc) are pretty limited so you won’t be able to add a custom filter option like September or March to it to see those birthdays.

I know you’re looking to avoid adding another column but I’d suggest adding a Dropdown or Status Column with each month as an individual label (12 total) so you can filter by those.

To make the board less clunky with a new column added, you can opt to hide the column from view.

I know it’s not ideal but would this work for what you need?

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Hi Charlotte,

That’s what I was thinking, but before I added another column I figured I would just see if I was missing anything. Thanks so much, I really appreciate your help!

Hi Carrie,

One option here (to save double data input) would be to create a formula column.

This formula column gives “Months remaining until Birthday Month”, which could be useful. It could also be changed or adapted depending on your requirements.


Then you can use the formula column to create filters and you won’t need to remain a separate column.


Hi Francis,

I am very new to Monday, so I never would have thought of this. I will certainly give it a go and see what happens! Thanks so much!

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