Date of Birth reminder for customer

Hi Team,

I hope we have an automation where we can have date of birth reminder for customers.
I couldn’t find it now.


I am curious what exactly you are looking to achieve? Is it for birthday reminders?

If so fairly easy to set up:

  1. Identify the Date column that has the birthday date in it.
  2. Automation: When Date Arrives, then notify person
  3. Set automation and update all of hte date column for each person.

That is the simple set up. Need more help? Contact us below!

Mike B
Automation Architect

Hi Mike,

By identify the date column, did you mean change the date column to the future date so we can set up an automate reminder?
I have my solution.
For example: my DOB is 04/10/1980, I added a new date reminder and change it to 04/10/2023 then I will have a reminder. But it is quite manually. I also can add push date for next year, but again still look ugly!

Setting up birthdays in monday is a bit trckier than in looks. But here is my method with 2 examples.
If birthday has not a passed:

  1. Enter the birthday Nov 17 , 1980 in a colum this is the true birthdate
  2. In a new colum (Date 2) enter Nov 17 2023
    Create an automation, 7 (or one day) days after date arrives set date 12 months
    and that way next year it will take the date.

If date has passed repeat but put May 17 2024
I would recommed doing the settup in excel and then import to monday if you have many fields
Happy to help

Gabriel from Cinapsys, we know monday every day of the week