How to creat reminder of date of birth of employee

I have a list of employees, and I was interested adding a reminder for the birthday.
In addition to sending an email to an employee who has a birthday automatically
I have a birthday column
I have an age column
What should be done? Which formula or automation is right for this?

In monday bd reminders are harder that it looks. You must put the bd date without the year, (put the day and mont with this year date , or next year if has already past) and then make 2 automations one that reminds you that the bd will be coming and a second one to push that date for next year.
Please see below. Hope this helps

I didn’t find the automation you are show me
can we do it together?

Thats exactly what I have done …reminder for birthday a few days prior and reminder to change the year to next…so far it works but I only have 25 employees so manageable…

any ideas how to make this year change automate.

Hi! Adding the Team Updates widget to a dashboard could be a solution. Team Updates

Lucid Day

Hi community,
I’m facing the same problem. I tried the Team updates feature Tanya suggested and it is a great solution, but then it means I need everyone in my company to be users of monday (not yet) and to have all my 130 users adding their birthdays to Monday.
Gabo - your solution is great as well, but as you said, you have 25 employees. If I use automations to move the dates by one year, I will run out of automations capacity soon enough :smiley:
I set a formula column to calculate the Month of the birthdays, so HR can filter each month the relevant employees, but I can’t have reminders based on that.
any other ideas?


Hey @MichalGueta20
You can use General Caster app.