Date vs timeline

date and timeline columns look very similar.
Which should be used in a board with dependencies?
Is there a reason for these two options?

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The Date column is used to store and track specific dates or deadlines associated with your tasks or items and it allows you to select a single date, being useful for tracking milestones, due dates, or any time-sensitive information.

The Timeline column is designed to create visual representations of tasks and their durations over time, offering a more comprehensive view of project timelines, allowing you to visualize task durations, overlaps, and possible dependencies.

You can create dependencies with both types of columns and it is not a mistake to use either. Personally, we usually go with the timeline column for dependencies.

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Thanks Giannis,
What is odd is that a date column can Also specify a range:

making them seemingly redundant options?

What is being shown here is a timeline column. The column is named “Date” but that doesn’t make it a date column type. Date columns don’t have ranges. Here is an example of a Date and Timeline column.

You’re right! I didn’t create the board and just accepted the column name and type as the defaults. Thanks.