Datetime is wrong in board!

Hi there,

I’m creating an item with a date with UTC timezone with the Monday API. My profile timezone is UTC. However, when I examine the item created in the Monday dashboard, the date field is not UTC. You can see the query and images below. Could you please check it and let us know how to fix it?

    "query": "mutation($values:JSON) {create_item(board_id: 1159054932, group_id: \"topics\", item_name: \"Task 3\", column_values: $values) {id}}",
        "values": "{\"date4\":{\"date\" : \"2023-08-27\", \"time\": \"18:00:00\"}}"

hi @kaantuncjot

Welcome to the community! Latest I understood is that there is a change in behavior. Monday is trying to fetch the TZ of the device using the UI or API. So the questions are:

  • what is the TZ of the device using the API
  • what is returned if you query that item in the API playground
  • what is the TZ of the device where you run the UI (screenshot) from
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Hello @basdebruin,

We have different servers running in different Time Zones. Therefore, our users encounter date time problems. How can we solve this problem?

Hi @kaantuncjot

That largely depends on the “problems” you are experiencing. When the app on your server set the time the TZ used is depending on the token you are using (I guess). The token represents a user and that user has a TZ set in the monday profile. It might also be the case that the TZ of your server is used, I would say: “just test it”. Monday will store the time in UTC and display the time in the TZ of the user viewing the board.

If you think this is not working correctly I suggest to ask monday support team.

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