Default Value for sub items

Can I set default value for sub items? I need new sub items to default to red color. Basically using sub items as a check list

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Hi @dfurt :wave:

I’m afraid we do not currently offer the default value functionality for the subitems at this time, as the subitems are currently in beta and therefore are not fully enabled with all of the platform features at this time.

That said, you can use custom automations to automatically create a subitem or group of subitems when an item is created.
You can use this automation to specify the details for each subitem, which would allow you to create a check list!
You can use the following custom automation:

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We were using the idea @dfurt shared with AND statement to create multiple sub items that were always in the same sequence, but ran into issue because at the time you could only add six AND statements. It looks like that has changed, but I’m not sure if there is a limit to the number of subitems/AND statements in an automation.

You can then use a status, checkbox or date column to track subitem completion because your subitem columns can be different from your parent item.

Hey @Kristinemd13 :wave:

While there is a limit to how many subitems you can add at one time using custom automations, you can always create more than one automation to add all the subitems you need when that specific event occurs.

When using 2+ separate recipes to create the subitems, this will create the subitems in varying orders (it won’t run one automation first and then the other, they will both/all be creating subitems at the same time.

If you need the created subitems to be in a specific order, then you can use a numbers column in the subitem automation setup to show what order that subitem should be in for the column.

From there, you can easily sort this column to re-organize your subitems to the order you need :slight_smile:

This way, no matter what order they are created in, you can see them in chronological order:​

For more information on custom automations and subitems, check out these helpful articles!:

As subitems are in Beta, and we are continuously adding more features and ironing them out! These are some of the things we are working on:

  • Full support on views and dashboards
  • Full support on our mobile apps

Check out the full roadmap release plan here. :star2:

I hope this helps!


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