Subitem default values

Hi, item default values already available, please consider apply that default ability for subitems too.

Totally agree, I support this feature

I also need this… It would be great if you could reference the value of a parent item for default subitem. for example. when i have an item with the timeline column, having the date subitem default to the first date on the timeline would save a lot of clicks!

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I could use this also. we have a group called “Recurring meeting” where each person has one “meeting” tasks that occur each and every week with subtasks that break it down into all individual meetings. I use an automation task that duplicates this group each week. I was able to set the main tasks’ default date to “Current Date” so each week when the meeting tasks are duplicated, the date for the task is accurate for the week. There is no such feature for the subtasks so our Utilization Bubble report cannot use subtasks. It can only look at the main tasks.
Having default for subtasks solves this problem for me such that the Utilization report can show each person’s weekly bubble reflect subtasks as well based on their dates.

Definitely Agree. Need to be able to rename the Subitem Column Label

Hey @egronberger, @benbloom, @Rooz, @Terry.Heard

We developed an app that solves this exact use case in 2 different ways.

First, setting default values based on the items name see below -

Second, inheriting the date from the parent item -

Third, just a default value based on creation date -

We’re constantly adding new capabilities to it to make sure it’s easy and powerful to run automation on subitems just like it’s powerful on “regular” items.
You can find it in the marketplace in the platform or here - Apps Marketplace

Hope that helps!